Be nice with your dentist

Starting the routine again is not easy. September involves going back to school and all your chores: planning the school calendar, textbooks, extra-curricular activities, snacks, etc. And start on the right foot, attending the review with your trusted dentist, should be part of your ritual and that of your child.

What is the review with your dentist?

For those parents who go for the first time with their children to the dentist’s review or go to their own, they must remember that in order to maintain good oral health, a revision and oral cleaning must be done, at least once a year. The revision should include teeth, gums, tongue, mouth, throat, etc.

What prevents oral cleaning?

A thorough cleaning in teeth and gums to remove plaque or tartar and prevent diseases such as caries or periodontitis (gum disease). The gums, if they bleed or are inflamed, can be a symptom of periodontitis or some other disease that the dentist can detect.

With the proper instruments, the dentist will remove the tartar during cleaning. In the case of having spots between teeth or on its surface, the dentist can eliminate them with a sandy filling, to give a perfect and polished finish.

What tips help me maintain good dental hygiene?

You must make sure to take care of your teeth and gums between checkups and cleaning. The plaque forms continuously on the teeth, but can be removed, e.g. if you brush and floss.

Have a good cleaning habit, and brush after each meal, for at least two minutes. If your kids are struggling, there are sets of funny toothbrushes with music, for example. That they mark a correct time of brushing.

Use toothpaste, preferably with fluoride, dental floss and mouthwash. It’s the best you can give your teeth and gums. Try and avoid excess sugar or sugary drinks. Better fruit, juices or natural smoothies. And most importantly, do not make pellets, and go at least once a year to your dentist to check your oral health.