Brandan Montserrat runs Deentistry in NY

A few weeks ago we learned that a close friend of Deenty goes to New York Marathon as a team we were interested in his desire to go and be there, and we ask that all our patients run by the social initiative as our ambassador smiles.

She is Montserrat Brandan, Chilean visual artist and cultural manager. Is 30 and takes 5 doing something he enjoys, run.

The running is one of today’s most popular sports, since the benefits are numerous, such as losing weight, increasing physical strength and significantly improve our mood what makes us smile more.

We talked to Monserrat and told us a little of your passion for running and his opinion regarding dental health.

Deenty : How did you get started in the running?

Montserrat: I lived for a period in Toronto. There, after work everyone went jogging, and I had to adapt somehow they did my classmates and was also an opportunity to meet new people. D: What do you like to run?

M: is rich to have a hobby, very different from my profession, that is sporty and not to fall into the competitive arena. I usually train in a running club and have good friends there. So for me running is also fun, share with friends, etc. Love on Saturdays jogging and then had breakfast or lunch together.

D: Can you tell us a bit about the NY Marathon.

M: The NY Marathon is a dream comes true. Since childhood he saw on TV and dreamed of running it. As the years passed, I slowly started to bring that dream. It is my second marathon and I think an important end in what is running long distances on asphalt. The knees and tendons are already very tired. And I think you also have to make room for other things. I think of running, it always will. However, marathon is much preparation time and feel that with the New York something important is closed staff too.
D: How do you see the outlook for this career?

M: Not in my head or my legs. My goals as time, not even think. I.e. “reached the goal and I had incredible.”
D: What do you think about the current situation in Chile in relation to people and little concern, and dental care?

M: I think there are options, but unfortunately access will never be the same for everyone but in quality. Apart from a dental concern, also begins with a food concerns and lack of habits in this matter, and obviously that means bad dental habits. Unfortunately health is a very unfair well in Chile and dental plans do not always access our, or are not in our plans social protection so it should be voluntary initiatives go to a dentist regularly. Unless there is a greater pain or discomfort.

D: How about joint financing program that is promoting Deenty?

M: I think its great. It is very innovative in terms of access to dental best price and excellent quality range career plans. I think that you should always support enterprises that bridge the gaps user and service, even in matters of health. Hopefully Deenty may soon reach all regions, not only to access the largest number of users, but on the other hand create jobs in areas where there are no jobs for dentists, dental technician, etc.
D: What do you do to protect your teeth?

M: I am a lucky woman habits. Reason you just wash my teeth at least 2 times a day and hopefully 3. Taking habits always the chance of tooth decay or other dental diseases is reduced.