Conscious sedation

The Conscious Sedation is the technique that describes the use of one or more drugs to produce a state of depression of central nervous system, which allows to carry out the planned treatment.

Throughout the course of the same the patient must be able to maintain verbal contact, and the medicines that are used should have a margin of sufficient security thanks to which the loss of conscience is improbable. On the other hand more than 60% of dental patients, suffer anxiety when going to perform a treatment. This fear of the dentist can lead the patient to have serious dental problems.

The Conscious Sedation is used as an alternative support dental practice to reduce the fear and anxiety of patients and facilitate the dental procedure. With the use of conscious Sedation, the patient will have a more comfortable and less traumatic experience. All this also has an impact on the professional who treats him, since it allows him to work more relaxed, applying faster and safer treatments.

In conscious Sedation, verbal contact and protective reflexes are maintained, while in general anesthesia, they are lost. Not only the fear of the dentist is the reason for the use of Sedation; Other reasons for its use are: some disability, the short age of the patient, patients with tremors, phobia …