Do you know how to lose the fear of the dentist

Fear of the dentist is something very common and widespread in our society. We all get a little nervous when it comes to going to the dentist but you have to distinguish between anxiety and phobia. It is not the same that you sweat your hands a little and find yourself restless in the dental clinic, to have panic to the dentist; a panic that does not let you think and makes you not want to approach the consultation.

According to the World Health Organization, odontophobia is something very real that affects 15% of the population. And there are extreme patients who do not sleep, cry or get physically sick just by seeing the white coat and dental instruments. Many of them openly acknowledge this fear and do not go to consultation despite suffering severe pain and discomfort.

Fear is a mental state and can be overcome, especially if we notice it at an early age. If a child sees the dental clinic as a pleasant place, and his pediatric dentist as a close and friendly person, he will have a lot of gained for the good of his oral health in the future as an adult.