The “Bling-Bling” and smiles of the stars of Hip-Hop

Some years ago, having gold teeth did not mean exactly riches or style, but times have changed as fashions and just smiles of the most popular rappers of the world, which hold a large golden smile and very bright is fashion today.

“Decorative veneers” – decorative covers made of gold, silver or precious metals inlaid with jewels molded to fit your teeth – have become a new kind of jewelry to show the wealth for many celebrities

Top 5 rappers with the most expensive world smiles 

1. Paul Wall

This rapper and jeweler based in Houston, is a leader in the design grid. For $ 800 per piece, you can coat your teeth with diamonds in abundance.

2. Nelly

The famous rapper Nelly, loves both your veneers, who wrote a song about them.”Grillz” with Paul Wall, with which topped the charts of the best songs of hip-hop in 2006.

3. Kanye West

What could be better than a mouth full of diamonds? Nothing, according to the rapper, who first showed his beaming smile to viewers in the “Ellen Show”.

Does Kanye Rationale behind the veneer millionaire? … “There are only certain things that rock stars are supposed to do.”

 4. T-Pain

Known for making the most jarring occupied by the singers of today, the auto-tune, T-Pain has a 100% manufactured veneer yellow diamond.

5. Lil Wayne

With one of the most expensive Hollywood smiles, Lil Wayne says its veneer cost us $ 150,000.