What is a corking?

From small dental term that we hear is “corking” and always associate with the presence of dental caries. The name used in dental surgeries to refer to this procedure is “shutter”, which is necessary to apply for more than one cause. Here we will explain what a corking, how long it lasts, and why could motivate require.

What is a corking?

A corking simply is filler that dentists put on or in the teeth to restore it when it has a hole, to restore a decayed tooth or chipping its normal shape.

The fillings can be made based on three materials. Two of these materials that are white and try to imitate the color of the tooth, one is the composite, and the other glass ionomer; the third material, which is best known, is plated, and is called amalgam.

How long does a corking?

The time duration of a corking depend on a number of factors, some of the material with which it is made. In principle or one made of glass ionomer composite should last on average 8 years; while an amalgam around 12 years. The main factors that determine the duration of fillings correspond to:

Size because smaller, generally, fillings last longer (this is one reason so early detection is important).

Beware; it is important to follow the directions given by the dentist to increase the duration of corking.

Why might need a corking?

Caries: The most common reason that we need a corking is due to dental caries .Since we often miss part of the tooth due to the presence of this bacteria, so it is very important to watch what they eat and have habits of oral hygiene .

Tooth wear (sensitivity): Sometimes tooth wear may require a corking. Whatever the cause of tooth wear, corking function is protective, so that seals the exposed dentin, stopping, thus, the construction of the plate on irregular surfaces and reduces sensitivity.

Aesthetics: if you have chipped, cracked or broken tooth, a simple corking can restore, restoring its natural appearance and functionality. On the other hand, if you have a discolored area on a tooth or exposed root, can help improve the appearance by covering the area.